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Gennady Ustinov

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please accept the apologies of the team here at dice.. i am the one who owns up to not following the rules you have set down. i love this game and do not condone any kind of hate playing. neither does ripple effect it is not what we stand for. but i have to admit i did copy the maps without credit to you. i agree with you on the whole credit thing. i am sorry as a fan.

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im also sorry for any of the lost trade profit due to this case that i have to pay for shipping. im sorry that im a cheater and i honestly have no excuse. but i really hope you can be understanding about this and i can still trade with you as long as i take full responsibility for my behavior and no longer do that. i understand if you would like to ban me for this..

i got a problem. i been playing battlefield 2 for a little while. till i found a few cracks. im new to it and now i want to buy the original cd to pass my time and i have a big problem, i did not buy the cd and i want to pass the time and help play the game and what can i do about it to get the original cd. you can download the.dat file off the internet and it works but you need the crack to get all the maps and the mission packs and with the cracks i can only play in offline mode. id like to know if there is anyway to download the real cd version of the game from my pc. thanks in advance how to install : battlefield 2 - installs bf2p onto your c: drive. after installing you will be prompted to download the battlefield 2 patch files from ea's website if you have the original cd. c:\program files (x86)\bf2patcher. bf2 patch 1.50 patch 1.5.dat. and bf2 patch1.5 patch1.50.bat file.


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