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Gennady Ustinov
Gennady Ustinov

[S3E13] Neighborhood Watch BEST

Chidi and Eleanor have relocated to the outdoor area neighborhood meetings are normally held in. Chidi sweetly suggests that Eleanor imagine he is thinking of her every time he has a stomach, which would be all the time.

[S3E13] Neighborhood Watch

After deciding to stay home and watch blooper videos with Ernie instead of starting an art class with Tina and Gemma, Calvin is taken aback when he learns the girls' first art assignment involved a nude male model. Meanwhile, Marty finds Walter's murder mystery novel manuscript in the basement and shares it with Malcolm and Dave. When the last page is missing, the guys decide to track down Walter at his retirement home, only to be disappointed with Walter's identification of the murderer.

I saw how Michael ran the neighborhood in the memories he showed me and there was, like, a four-year period where Brad Pitt really wanted everyone to know how into Architecture he was, and I read a lot of those interviews, so I think that might help me.

What better way to end the season than with a big party? Pati throws a neighborhood bash and cooks up the easiest and best Mexican-themed dishes that would be a huge hit at any party. And what better accessory to a Mexican fiesta than a giant pinata? Pati also gets the chance to visit a pinata maker in the central market of Morelia. Recipe 1: Watermelon, Tomatillo & Mozzarella Skewers with Mint-Agave Syrup; Recipe 2: Red Pozole with Traditional Garnishes; Recipe 3: Mixed Melon, Lime & Coconut Agua Fresca; Recipe 4: Tres Leches & Strawberry Mexican Gelatin Dessert.

Dave Damm-Luhr: [00:22:11] Yeah. So if you're thinking about all the moms that are out there that are not in a Mothers Out Front group, but might be listening to this podcast and asking, "Well, gee, should we organize one in our neighborhood or our community?" What advice do you have for them for organizing a Mother Out Front group where they live?

For my own self, as someone who co-founded it, I recently stepped back a bit because ... I was in my practicum years, so things have been very busy, and it was really hard to step back, but watching how other members were able [00:24:00] to step in and take on more and grow, and our team is doing really well, so letting other people step in at times is also something that I would encourage, and to know that other people can and likely will step in. 041b061a72


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