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Gennady Ustinov
Gennady Ustinov

"1883" The Fangs Of Freedom(2022)

I'd known death since I was a child. It's everywhere. But it had never touched me. It had never placed its rotten finger on my heart until today. Today, my eyes died. I see the world through my mother's eyes now. Yes, freedom has fangs and it sunk them in me. I chose to love him. He chose to love me back, then chose to protect me. And a man we've never met chose to kill him and made me colorblind. [kills the man] Maybe killin' this man will get my eyes back. Maybe it won't, but I chose to find out.

"1883" The Fangs of Freedom(2022)


Eric Nelsen, who played Ennis in "1883," has opened up about what it was like to say goodbye to the character, how much he knew about Ennis' fate prior to filming the emotional "1883" episode, and what lies in store for Elsa.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Eric Nelsen revealed that he had no idea Ennis would die when he first accepted the "1883" part and admitted that he was "heartbroken" after learning what would happen to his character. "Filming [Ennis' death scene] was difficult, especially because I was supposed to be laying there dead and the emotion that's happening around me, it was hard for me not to cry in the moment," Nelsen said. 041b061a72


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