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The thrill of riding meets affordability.

Located in a rural area just North of the Motor City, Junior Motocross Imports was established in Metro Detroit in early 2020 as an online store to help parents make their kid's dreams come true. We want to provide parents with budget-friendly options for their beginner rider's wish list! Starting with the kid's, beginner 50cc 2-strokes (to see if they are serious about it), on up to 250cc 4-stroke adult dirt bikes for grown-ups so that you can ride with your buddies or your kids!

We want everyone to be able to afford the thrill of riding!

There are lots of different options these days...

Our main goal is to provide a wide selection of affordable, quality-manufactured, warrantied and guaranteed, off-road rides. We want you to know that we are here to provide you with the answers, service, and support you need. You deserve to know that you're getting the right product for a great price. You can feel confident purchasing from Junior Motocross Imports because we ride the vehicles we sell, we service the vehicles we sell, and we have a wide catalog of replacement parts available! Once you purchase from Junior Motocross Imports, we consider you a friend... part of the Junior Motocross Club... and we are committed to take care of you down the road.

Our story...

My name is James, the owner of Junior Motocross Imports. For about a year, the only thing my son, Jay, wanted was a REAL dirt bike.

I started looking online for weeks before I even knew what to shop for. I saw different brands, sizes, and engine-types of new, Chinese-made dirt bikes. I also looked at lots of used Japanese-brand dirt bikes that "needed minor work" and most of those were more than a new Chinese dirt bike. With all the different options and opinions out there, I understand the confusion, doubt, and anxiety that can accompany purchasing these types of items.

I founded Junior Motocross Imports to offer quality-tested products at the lowest prices while providing the best service to the most people. We strive to provide the fastest, farthest reaching shipping, and stand behind our products with honest and fair company policies. We are a growing company, and we look forward to growing with you and your family! We have plans to create a greater sense of community within the sport of youth motocross and we want you to get involved! Check out our Facebook Business Page - Junior Motocross Imports

Get Outside & Get Dirty!

 -James Irby, Owner

Junior Motocross Imports

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