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Why You Need DVDFab for Your DVD and Blu-ray Tasks

dvdfab was founded more than 6 years ago in china and is a leading dvd and blu-ray copying, ripping, and publishing software with more than 7 million active users. it is developed and distributed by a popular pc publishing brand, dvdfab limited. dvdfab is a shareware product released on a monthly basis.



however, this shareware version does not contain drm removal and video editing functions. you need to buy the full version to get these two functions. dvdfab is available in chinese, english and other languages. learn more about dvdfab and read the user reviews at .

there are several dvdfab alternatives that we know and can recommend to you. today, we are going to talk about one of them. it's very similar to dvdfab. although it is also used to rip and convert blu-ray/dvd/4k ultra high definition format to various video formats, it could make your life easier, and try to think of it as a replacement of your existing dvdfab. this software is mediamaker 4k media converter-- it was translated by chinese at present. it's a media converter, which means it could also help you search and download online video to your computer after converting. it's free for the most part. not completely, but far and wide.

the applicatio has 7 chapters. you are able to edit every chapter. there are 3 modes for you to choose from, they are "edit", "save" and "edit and save". you can not "delete" any chapter, just like the following picture to show.

other than this, you can also use the 3d pane to set the 3d effect, which is very convenient to check, say, if the video in the video is good, and to adjust the effect if the video is not what you want.


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